I have many years experience working with bereavement and loss. I use the dual process model (Stroebe and Schut, 1999). This is an approach recommended by therapists working with the bereaved in hospice settings. We work with the two stressors of loss and restoration coping, and the oscillation between these in the aftermath of loss.

Anxiety and depression

I work once or twice weekly with people suffering from anxiety and depression.

Divorce, relationship breakdown and other family issues

I work with individuals and couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties.

Redundancy and other work related problems

Redundancy can be traumatic and bullying at work is sadly very common. Therapy cannot take these problems away, but talking in confidence can be beneficial. I have 20 years experience in a GP surgery where many people bring work related problems.

Emotional and identity problems, including sexual identity

Therapy can help with these problems; short or long term work can be appropriate. Sometimes voicing difficulties can help to view things differently. I believe therapy gives us the opportunity to think about these issues, whether it be short or long term, once or twice a week.

Personal development

I am particularly interested in working with students in psychotherapy training and have considerable experience in this area. My accreditation with BACP makes me eligible to work with students undertaking adult education and university psychotherapy courses.

Trauma / PTSD

Trauma takes many forms and it is important to work with trauma in a sensitive manner. In some cases this might be in short term work, but equally some people might find long term work at a great frequency more helpful.